24 April 2019
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Are You Desperately Seeking Something?

Fear And Desperation vs Mindfulness

What Are You Desperately Seeking?

Dr. Phil might ask… “How’s That Working For You?”

Mindfulness means living in the present moment with gratitude and joy without being stuck in the past or predicting the future.

When we desperately seek something we believe we need but don’t have, we miss everything that is coming to us already, in the eternal now, sometimes called the present moment.

Try joyfully receiving what is already happening in the moment. There will be no more desperation, only abundance!

You are surrounded by it already, in an eternally blooming spring meadow of life. ..if only you are open to seeing it!

And after seeing it, one must participate in what is, giving to the world what one has to give, instead of demanding from the world what one does not have!

This is sometimes called moving in the spirit, walking with God, or being fully present to the miracles that are all around, here, now!

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Reprinted with permission,

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