24 April 2019

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Italy Seventh in World for Catastrophe Damage

Eleonora Boccuni
Ultimatum to Earth: Floods, earthquakes and climate change In Italy the effects of climate change have become increasingly evident. Indeed, Italy is among the ten most affected in the world by natural disasters. Drought, rising temperatures, floods, storms, and earthquakes threaten man at every latitude. It’s not a phenomenon referring

Italy’s Fight Against Pollution Helps Economy Thanks to Biomethane

Eleonora Boccuni
The era of biomethane: decarbonization by 2050 The production of biomethane in the agricultural sector alone could cover 12% of the current consumption of gas in Italy with clear environmental and economic advantages. Biomethane (a biofuel that is obtained both from biomass waste of agricultural origin and from the organic
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Security and Immigration in Italy: Approved Decree

Eleonora Boccuni
Via the fake refugees and Daspo to the suspected terrorists. Salvini: “The objective of this government is to close all Rom camps in Italy within the legislature”. Conte explains: “Guarantee for the protection of fundamental rights of persons and international conventions”. Martina (Pd): “More insecurity and more clandestinity”. Cei: do
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Italy – The Emerging Drug Begins at Age 8

Eleonora Boccuni
The Italian dramatic stories, gruesome stories, stories that put the chills and that, only to hear them, would seem far-fetched; but, unfortunately, it isn’t so. Children who experiment with solvents, 13-year-olds who prostitute themselves for a dose, adolescents subjected to Tso; now, in Italy, it is emergency drug. The stories
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