24 April 2019

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Unschooling: Can Children Learn Without Being Taught?

Mariana Abeid McDougall
Unschooling: What is it, Why is It, and Does It Work? Unschooling, in its most simplistic explanation, means letting children direct their own learning. Most unschoolers believe that children do not need to be taught; they are constantly learning on their own. Coined by John Holt in the 1970s, the
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A Menace to Pakistan – Child Marriages

Iram Ghafoor
Source: https://bolojawan.com/how-child-marriages-in-pakistan-are-hurting-our-little-girls/ Deeply rooted in traditions, customs and cultural beliefs, child marriage is a menace to the Pakistani society. The traditional practices of child marriages are against the Islamic laws and rules of marriage. Islam is, undeniably, a religion which has provided dignity to the women and children. It is
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