24 April 2019

Category : World News


Italy Seventh in World for Catastrophe Damage

Eleonora Boccuni
Ultimatum to Earth: Floods, earthquakes and climate change In Italy the effects of climate change have become increasingly evident. Indeed, Italy is among the ten most affected in the world by natural disasters. Drought, rising temperatures, floods, storms, and earthquakes threaten man at every latitude. It’s not a phenomenon referring

Illinois Among U.S. States Tightening Cyber Security for Elections – Citizens Unafraid

Valorie Broderick
In a U.S. press release held in Chicago, IL on Monday, officials gathered to discuss increased measures taken by the state of Illinois to protect against cyber threats during the upcoming midterm elections. Officials believe that there is a threat but are prepared for it. Included measures to improve safety are
Saudi Arabia

Khashoggi Murder: Forensic Saudi Security Dismembered Body

Mouez Benrejeb
A Turkish official told U.S. news network, CNN, that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s body snapped after he was killed two weeks ago in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera reported, quoting Turkish sources, that the Director of the Saudi general security forensics, natural, doctor anatomist, cut up Khashoggi’s corpse
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