24 April 2019

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Jackie Maribe Sent to Prison as She Awaits Mental Evaluation

Dorine Otinga
Popular Kenyan TV personality Jacky Maribe has been sent to Langa’tta women’s prison as she expects mental evaluation charges. Maribe is a suspected for involvement in the slaying of Monica Kimani who was brutally killed in her apartment. Maribe’s fiancé, Jowie, used Maribe’s car to carry the late Kimani from
Kenya World News

A Woman is Charged for Transmitting HIV/AIDS Intentionally to a Neighbour’s 9 Month Old Baby Through Breastfeeding

Dorine Otinga
Can you imagine a positive HIV / AIDS woman trying to breastfeed your baby? 42 year old woman and she is a woman who was a neighbor’s child. Susan Njeri appeared in a certain court in Nakuru Kenya, on the 20 th of September 2018, to answer the allegations. She
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