24 April 2019

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Days After India’s  S-400 Deal China Announces 48 High-End Drones For Pakistan

Mouez Benrejeb
Waqas Ahmad Beijing::Oct 9::China will sell 48 high end military drones to its “all-weather ally” Pakistan in what a military observer said will be the largest deal of its kind. The cost of the deal was not revealed. The announcement by China to permit the sale of high-end military drones
China World News

Japanese Man Kicks “comfort woman” Statue in Taiwan due to “leg numbness”

Chris Kwok
A few days ago, a Japanese right-winger Fujii Shihiko kicked the bronze statue of “comfort woman” located in the city of Taiwan with his foot. However, this video was taken by the surveillance camera next to the statue. After the surveillance video was exposed on the internet, it caused dissatisfaction
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