24 April 2019

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Days After India’s  S-400 Deal China Announces 48 High-End Drones For Pakistan

Mouez Benrejeb
Waqas Ahmad Beijing::Oct 9::China will sell 48 high end military drones to its “all-weather ally” Pakistan in what a military observer said will be the largest deal of its kind. The cost of the deal was not revealed. The announcement by China to permit the sale of high-end military drones
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A Menace to Pakistan – Child Marriages

Iram Ghafoor
Source: https://bolojawan.com/how-child-marriages-in-pakistan-are-hurting-our-little-girls/ Deeply rooted in traditions, customs and cultural beliefs, child marriage is a menace to the Pakistani society. The traditional practices of child marriages are against the Islamic laws and rules of marriage. Islam is, undeniably, a religion which has provided dignity to the women and children. It is
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Indian MEA Rejects Pakistan’s Allegations of Using Chemical Weapons Against Citizens in Indian  Adminstrated Kashmir

Mouez Benrejeb
Edited by: Waqas Ahmad COUNTRY:  India New Delhi India on Friday rejected the allegations made by Pakistan that it used chemical weapons by Indian security forces against Kashmiri people The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued a statement saying that the allegations are “totally unfounded.” The MEA said, “We reject
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Pakistan’s War on Terror

Iram Ghafoor
Image source: http:///international/world/spiegel-interview-with-pakistan-s-prime-minister-american-drone-attacks-are-counterproductive-a-664328-2.html Since gaining independence in 1947, Pakistan has faced many challenges. It’s faced not only the trauma of colonial occupier but the mass killings of people migrating to the new state. At the same time, economic instability and lack of resources hampered the growth of Pakistan. In recent
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