24 April 2019

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Illinois Among U.S. States Tightening Cyber Security for Elections – Citizens Unafraid

Valorie Broderick
In a U.S. press release held in Chicago, IL on Monday, officials gathered to discuss increased measures taken by the state of Illinois to protect against cyber threats during the upcoming midterm elections. Officials believe that there is a threat but are prepared for it. Included measures to improve safety are
Religion USA

Associated Press Rejects Church’s Request Not to Use “Mormon” as Nickname

Valorie Broderick
Sunday, at the general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the president of the church, Russell M. Nelson, publicly reaffirmed a statement given in August  that the church and its members are no longer to be called by their long-time nickname, “Mormons.” The Associated Press (AP) remains
USA World News

Medics First Employees of Springfield, IL Organize Relief Efforts for Hurricane Florence Victims

Valorie Broderick
Last month, Hurricane Florence tore through the U.S. states of North and South Carolina leaving many without food and supplies. The country mourned for those in need as help was sent from all over the U.S. Illinois was among those that helped. The employees of Medics First in Springfield, IL
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