21 March 2019
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Prince William’s Second Visit in Kenya

Prince William

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William paid a visit in Kenya on September 19th 2018. Kenya was his final destination among African countries he was touring. He had previously visited Tanzania and Namibia. Namibia is known to be a place of many Rhinos which inspired him to visit the country.

Prince William’s agenda for visiting Africa

Prince William toured Africa with an agenda of promoting his pet project of wildlife conservation. In Kenya, he landed in Laikipia and went to see the British Army Training Unit which is in Nanyuki. He interacted with the soldiers to know how they were doing. Prince William’s first visit was in March 16th 2016 when he had a dialogue with President Uhuru Kenyatta and talked about security and wildlife conservation.

Laikipia the home of Rhinos

Laikipia, Kenya is a beautiful place and a home of endangered species like Grevy’s zebra and Rhinos. During his visit, Prince William participated in an exercise at Ol Maisor Primary School where he gave out some sports equipment, uniforms, and shoes that had been donated by the Military. Some sources also confirmed that the military would drill boreholes and construct classrooms

President Uhuru Kenyatta had earlier met Prince William during his UK tour at Windsor Castle in London, when he had gone to attend a commonwealth meeting of leaders.

Prince William had one goal in mind for visiting Africa. He wanted to assist Africa to end the cruelty against wildlife. He teamed up with British Airways which had a hashtag #endwildlifecrime.

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