21 March 2019
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“Return Immigrants,” Italy Mocked by Europe

Return immigrants

Matteo Salvini Keeps Faith with the Promises Made in the Electoral Campaign on the Theme of Immigration. On the other Hand, Angela Merkel who Presses to Send Back to the Countries of First Landing the Migrants Arrived in Germany

According to some recent statistics, it seems that in Germany there are at least seventy-thousand immigrants that Berlin has the right to return to Italy. If Germany is unable to carry out this counter-trial, this will result in a “return to sender” never seen before in the history of a civilized country. This is only because today in Italy, there is an interior minister – Matteo Salvini – who is willing to put himself crosswise, even to an international agreement when this is clearly unfair and has been approved by Italian representatives.

The Dublin Treaty and Immigrants

If today, in Palazzo Chigi, there was still Renzi or an exponent of the center, the repatriations wouldn’t spare them, anybody. This is because it was the Italian center-left that, approving the “Treaty of Dublin”, has put in the hands of the other European countries the right to the return of immigrants in the country.

What is certain is that centre-left Italy approved the Dublin Treaty on immigrants, although it could very easily not approve it, given that these treaties need the unanimity of the voting countries in order to be perfect. So, if Italy had not approved it, (and if Salvini had been Minister of the Interior then, he would certainly not have approved) the Treaty would have lapsed before seeing the light.

What the Dublin Treaty Says

The Treaty says that non-EU immigrants are considered citizens of the European country where they have penetrated and where they have been identified. And so if they are from the country of entry and then visited other European countries, they can be returned automatically in the country of first landing. This is among the 28 European countries where there are only the three countries that have maritime borders. Those countries, in order of importance, are Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Now, since it’s impossible to unanimously change the Dublin Treaty, the alternative to the hundreds of thousands of refunds currently possible can only be one thing. This is the blocking of landings in Italy by these charters that would bring them back to their country.

Matteo Salvini Responds to the Possibility of an Increase in Returns from Germany of the Immigrants Identified in Italy and who Have Crossed the Border Illegally.

“We close the airports as we closed the ports”, this is the first comment of Matteo Salvini. “If someone in Berlin or Brussels thinks of downloading in Italy, dozens of immigrants with unauthorized charter flights know that there isn’t and there will be no airport available”.

To support Salvini, there is the deputy premier Luigi Di Maio, who denies that any agreement has been signed between Italy and Germany regarding the return of the so-called “dublinanti” in the country of the first arrival.

Salvini is a wall for now. For the repatriation, the Dublin Regulation provides that, in order to bring the migrants back to the state of the first landing, there is the authorization of the government concerned; in this case, the Italian government. Furthermore, it must be ascertained that the foreigner has landed in Italy and must not have been there more than six months since entering Germany.

The reason why it is hard to come to an agreement is that there are much fewer migrants to send to Berlin than those who are Italian. About five thousand people are spoken of, as Germany usually only welcomes Syrian, Eritrean and Afghan refugees.

The Italian Government Invites Russian President Vladimir Putin to Libya Conference

The Italian government has invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to a conference on Libya to be held on November 11th and 12th in Palermo. The head of Russian diplomacy Serghiei Lavrov, to whom our Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero made the request, assured Moscow’s presence at the meeting. However, he added that as regards, “the level of participation” read the presence of Putin. The Moscow government reserves the right to “analyze the material” that has been forwarded together with the invitation.

Immigrants, the Cardinal of Munich, Reinhard Marx, Donates 50 Thousand Euros to the Ship of the German NGO Lifeline

What’s more is that in addition to Chancellor Angela Merkel who remade us the “return immigrants” from Germany by train, charter flights and even scheduled flights, even the German Church thinks to put the sticks in the wheels to the policy of stopping all immigration launched by the Italian Government.
Indeed, the Cardinal of Munich donated fifty-thousand Euros “for saving lives in the Mediterranean to the German ship Lifeline”. To one of those NGOs (almost all non-Italian) who, for years with the Renzi government has filled Italy with illegal immigrants, who, already with Minister Minniti and, in a definitive way with Salvini, have been almost ousted from the trafficking of immigrants between Africa and Italy.

To demonstrate the truth, as we’ve just highlighted, there’s the announcement made by the captain of LifeLine, Claus-Peter Reisch, who comments on the donation: “I thank you for the generous support of the Archivescovado of Monaco-Freising for the next mission Thanks, Cardinal Marx! ”
The odyssey continues.

Eleonora Boccuni

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Eleonora Boccuni

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