24 April 2019

Safaricom Company Rated Best Employer in Africa

Safaricom company

The Safaricom  company is a mobile network company that offers telecommunication services in Kenya and started offering services in 1997. While there are many other mobile network service providers in Kenya, Safaricom stands out as providing the best services. It is a company that provides telecommunication services, fixed broadband, data voice and messaging services.

Aside from their relatively high costs of services compared to other service providers, their services are still regarded as top-notch. Safaricom has its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya and has hired 5,434 employees.

Safaricom’s win

This year the Safaricom company was ranked among the best 100 employers among a list full of U.S. companies. According to Forbes Global, Safaricom was ranked as number 67 out of 200 World best employers.

“More than 430,000 global recommendations were analysed by Statista (an online statistic market research and business intelligence portal) to create the World’s Best Employers list. Employers were asked to rate their employer and the likelihood they would recommend the company to a friend or a family member,” Forbes said.

Safaricom was in front of other popular brands like Unilever, Samsung, Colgate, Dell Technologies, Visa and Procter. Some brands that were on top of that list were Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Disney.

Line managers

Safaricom has 460 trained line managers for the position of life coach. The training helps support employee performance, leadership management and wellness.

Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore said that this company would like to create more leadership opportunities for women so that their proportion with that of men in senior positions advances from the current 32 percent. This company has also employed staff with disabilities and offers them medical coverage and other special equipment.

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