24 April 2019
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Stepping Into Hatha Yoga

As we continue our journey into practicing Yoga, I want to take these next few weeks to talk about each practice. There are several different types of Yoga practices, as stated last week. This week we will be discussing one that is wonderful for beginners, Hatha Yoga. The reason this type of practice is great for beginners is because it helps create the building blocks for breathing, holding basic poses, and the mindset for meditation.

https://yogalifestyles.com/what-is-hatha-yoga-explained/.This may seem opposing, but this practice of Yoga is all about finding balance. Being able to balance the body, mind, and spirit can be quite a grounding experience. This is done by bringing awareness to the body as a whole, while focusing on breathing into the areas of the body that need help.

Other than balancing and grounding, Hatha Yoga can also produce the following benefits;

  • Improved Immune System
  • Stress Reducer
  • Reduction of Tension In the Muscles
  • Toxin Reduction

If you are looking to begin an at home practice, Hatha is the perfect place to start. There are many videos that can be found for free on YouTube. There are apps available on google play or iTunes as well, for free and paid. It is important to remember that you begin slow, maybe two 12-minute sessions over the course of two days. Gradually work your way to 20, 25, and 30-minute sessions. Listen to your body, do not over work it.

Here are a few Hatha Basic Yoga poses that you can start with:

Downward Dog:

Mountain Pose:

Childs Pose:

Next week we will be discussing the getting the blood flowing with Vinyasa Yoga.

Positive Vibes Always


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