24 April 2019

Tag : education


LARP School in Denmark Educates through Play

Mariana Abeid McDougall
LARP as Entertainment; LARP as Education For those unfamiliar with LARP (Live Action Role Playing), the concept may seem odd. Adults and kids running about in costume and make-up, playing pretend. But in reality, LARP is an enjoyable form of entertainment, and sometimes, a novel way to educate through play.

Unschooling: Can Children Learn Without Being Taught?

Mariana Abeid McDougall
Unschooling: What is it, Why is It, and Does It Work? Unschooling, in its most simplistic explanation, means letting children direct their own learning. Most unschoolers believe that children do not need to be taught; they are constantly learning on their own. Coined by John Holt in the 1970s, the
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