24 April 2019
Sunday Special

Taking the Journey into A Positive Lifestyle

Hello, my name is Brittney, I am so excited you are here! Every Sunday you and I will be diving into different ways to create a more positive lifestyle for ourselves. I know that the world of self-empowerment and care can seem like trying to find your way home from the wilderness without a compass. No worries! We will navigate this together.
The first activity I want to discuss is Yoga. Now, before you roll your eyes and think, “Good for you, you know the trend,” hear me out. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by many different groups of people. This means, it was not invented just for the sole purpose of yoga pants. I know, hard to believe, but trust me, it is true!
There are many different types of Yoga depending on what you are needing to focus on. I want to touch on three different types:
• Hatha Yoga: This type of Yoga is actually geared towards beginners and becoming familiar with your body and flexibility. It also teaches relaxation techniques. As you may realize on your Yoga journey, it is not all about the workout, it is about the mind too.
• Savasana Yoga: This is a faster type of yoga practice. It mainly focuses on breath while transitioning and while in each posture. This one is a workout and will get your heart pumping!
• Yin Yoga: This practice is focused on floor-based positions. It also focuses heavily on meditation as the poses are usually held for several minutes at a time.
If you are just beginning your practice, I recommend that you start with a 12-minute starter session each day for three days. Take it slow and listen to your body. Taking our minds off what is going on around us and focusing on our bodies and minds can be calming and peaceful. And when there is calm and peace, positivity is sure to follow!

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