24 April 2019

The Concept of Danish Hygge

How to live a life that makes us really happy? It’s easier than it seems, you just have to follow these simple steps of the hygge philosophy.
What’s the sound of happiness? How many times do we ask ourselves? Many books and songs attempt to define this status of bliss. But in the last few years, it seems that Denmark has found the perfect way to define and reach happiness.
Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. But what, exactly, has made danish people the happiest in the world? The secret is hidden in a very difficult to pronounce and impossible to translate world, which is hygge.
This life conception immediately caught fire with people from all over the world because of the simple steps anyone can follow in order to obtain this.
The importance of having your own space

Danish people are very organized. They have their own busy schedules but they know that finding time for yourself is important as well. Sometimes we totally forget to do what makes us happy and this is the way many people find themselves, trapped in the everyday routine.

Creating a happy atmosphere

Happiness is like a plant: it comes to life, it grows and develop only in a fertile ambient. This is why hygge teaches you how to decorate your home with a candy of taste, how to keep it always clean and tidy because it will help you obtain a peaceful life condition.

Home is where the heart is 

The emotional flow given by the hygge philosophy could apply anywhere: at the beach, during a party in a club, in a cozy cafe. But its own best application is at home. Maybe this concept derives from the fact that in Denmark winter is very long and the hours of daylight are are few during most of the year.

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Marija Popic

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