24 April 2019

Turkey Names a Street in Ankara After Historical Figure, Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Turkish authorities name a street in the Turkish capital, Ankara, after U.S. televangelist, Malcolm X. This street is where the U.S. Embassy is located and is also a central hub of the city. The municipality of Ankara, in a statement Saturday, decided to change the name of the street, originally 1478 St., after  X who is a historical anti-racism and human rights defender in the U.S. The Turkish President, Rejeb Tayeb Erdogan, thought they would never get the name Malcolm X as a prominent street name in Ankara.

Who is Malcom X: a hard and complicated childhood

Malcolm X, whose real name is Malcolm Little, was born in Aug. 1925 to a monk named Earl Little. Malcolm X believed that blacks would not receive their freedom and should go back to Africa. He lost his father, who was killed in an unsolved crime. At five years old, his mother was placed in a mental hospital and he lived an eventful childhood. From hardships and poverty to prison in 1946 for robbery when he was 20 years old. While he was in jail, the confident X belonged to the Nation of Islam (NOI) movement, which was led by Elijah Mohamed from prison.

From prison, a leader emerged

When X got out of jail in 1952, his great leadership skills and rhetorical abilities led to his promotion and ascent into the leading ranks of the NOI movement.  He separated from the movement in 1964, however, because of intellectual disagreements with its leader about religious methods and perceptions. He confirmed at the end of his life the need to understand Islam to solve ethnic problems in American society, and to defend human rights on the basis of the brotherhood.

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Mouez Benrejeb

Mouez Benrejeb

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