24 April 2019
Italy Volleyball

Italy into Final: Women’s Volleyball World Championship 2018

women's volleyball

After a two hours match, the Italian women’s volleyball team defeated China.

After 16 years Italy is coming back to the finals after a match that will remain in the volleyball history, according to Volleyball.IT. Italy has passed with a perfect match and they have become the protagonist of the mondial championship. In the big Italian team we have the spiker, Paola Egonu, and the veteran, Monica De Gennaro, two of the bravest athletes Italy has ever had.

In particular, Just Paola Egonu was, once again, the authentic driving force of the blue with over 30 points on the scoreboard. She won the stellar duel with the other star player, the Chinese Zhu, however, showed all her talent making the Italian defense suffer from the first to the last set.

Incredible. There are no other adjectives to describe the girls of Davide Mazzanti who won 3-2 as the Olympic champions of China.

Between Italy and glory now there is Serbia, who beat the Netherlands 3-1 in the other semi-final.

During this World Cup, in which Italy won 11 games out of the 12 disputed, only one team has so far prevented en plein: Serbia. The Italians were defeated by the European champions in the second match, which in any case did not count towards the semi-final qualification of the Final Six.

On that occasion, Boskovic and companions were able to cope with the “terrible” girls of Mazzanti by winning 3-1. But tomorrow there will be an opportunity for Italy to take revenge in a match that will really count because it will be worth the title of World Champions. Regarding the final third and fourth place, held at the Yokohama Arena at 10.20, to contend for the bronze will be China and Holland.

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Marija Popic

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