21 March 2019
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Why is Copenhagen the Most Bike-Friendly City in the World?

most bike-friendly
Biking makes Copenhagen one of the best cities in the world to live in

You can’t even imagine how many bicycles there are in Copenhagen – about 675,000 bicycles – and just 120,000 cars in all of the city. If you think about that, you’ll notice that only 9% of people living in the city drive.

Every year, there is a huge competition between Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Utrecht about the potential in cycling, but Copenhagen always remains number one. These cities have a common dream to pursue a kind of perfection in building their own city every year, and this perfection is measured in terms of greener, less polluted and cleaner cities to live in. And biking is a part of this initiative.

But why does Copenhagen win every single year? This happens thanks to the Danes’ attraction to innovation, which is a really high priority for them. As the years go by, people are trying to create as much publicity about cycling as possible. For example, a campaign addressed to children on the importance of biking, the building of a huge cycle serpent, 16 new bridges, highways meant for bicycles, and much more. The Danish bicycle-friendly city has invested over 150 million dollars in infrastructures and facilities to allow people to have the best experience getting around the city. Thanks also to their intelligent traffic system, bicycles are effectively prioritized by the new traffic lights.

People in Copenhagen ride bicycles every time they have to move around the city – going to work, taking kids to school, going to visit friends, or even if they go for a night out!

Nothing will stop them, not even the weather;  rain, snow, sunshine. Another benefit is that since they are now biking, it will have a positive effect on their health too! In fact, they don’t need to go to the gym after the office, because they are always moving.

Would you enjoy living in a city like this?


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Marija Popic

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